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4 Tips to help you Survive Winter

Living in the Sunshine State we are always unprepared for the cold temperatures, well...we think it's cold. Here's a few tips to survive this chilly season!

1. Load up on your Vitamin C

This Immunity boosting fruit is a tasty way to improve your immune system during this seasonal change! You could take supplements but why not go al-natural and grab some fresh Orange Juice weekly. Visit M.G. OJ at the Markets every week for your weekly dose of these delicious vitamins or you can purchase your fruit fresh from our Fruit and Vegetable stalls.

2. Warm up with a cup of Tea

When It comes to fighting colds and keeping your symptoms at bay, tea has proven to provide natural chemical sources which are highly beneficial if not essential to health. Different tea’s are able to help with an array of ailments such as easing a sore throat, loosening congestion, calming an upset stomach, reducing inflammation, aid in sleep plus they’re full of antioxidants, just to name a few. Visit Kylie from the Tea and Spice Apothecary to talk through the amazing health benefits of her products!

3. Eat well

Our food is a direct source to an amazing plethora of health benefits, so make sure you’re choosing the right ones! One of the best things about winter is the array of hearty stews and nourishing comfort foods. Embrace the seasonal fruits and vegetables on offer and cook dishes to warm the soul and boost your immunity.

4. Get active

It’s easy to fall into a habit of rugging up and staying indoors during these cooler months, but we promise, heading outside and getting some much needed Vitamin D and fresh air will do you wonders! Even just a quick walk or stroll through the markets will lift your mood and get your blood pumping. Why not visit Chermside Farmers Markets every Sunday morning for an enjoyable morning out!

And while you’re at it, stock up on your fresh produce for the week. Chermside Farmers Markets hosts an array of delicious and fresh fruit and vegetables, quality meats and dairy, eggs, bread, spices, honey and so much more!

Never fear, Winter will well and truly be over soon and we will be left in a sweaty heap wishing it was back.

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